The Queen Mary-Things To Know

If you have been thinking about going on a cruise trip. Hopefully the tips that you will get here will help you get the best possible deal. Travelling by cruise ship has been noted as one of the best ways for a person to travel cheaply. The trick is to know when and at what time to book so that you get the best deal and your money’s worth. If you budget properly you could even come back home with enough money to go on another trip. Here are some tips to help you get the best deal on the cruise .For more information, visit their website at the queen mary.

1 – You need to book in advance, usually if you book 18 months in advance you will get some savings. It is possible to get last minute cruises but it can be quite an ordeal.

2 – You can search for deals between one month and three months before you depart on the cruise. This is usually the time people have to cancel their tickets. Because of this you are likely to get a great bargain if you can snag one of the refunded tickets, they are usually discounted.

3 – You should not ever try and go on a cruise during the peak holiday season such as Spring Break, Thanksgiving Christmas. At this time the prices are expensive, and you will also be met with more crowds.

4 – If you have to fly to your port destination, it is a good idea to pay for your flight, this is usually cheaper than the cruise line airfare.

5 – If you like to drink a lot of bottled water, you should stock up before you board the ship. The drinks which are offered on cruises are usually pretty expensive. The only other thing you can do is drink recycled water but it tastes funny. By using the tips above you are likely to enjoy a very cost efficient cruise. Again remember to avoid the peak times, and you should be okay. Plan ahead and you will have a happy cruise.